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We are offering a few new products.

Awesome Grass - Eco Friendly Lawn Alternative

A select blend of low maintenance, drought tolerant, cool season, source-identified introduced grasses. Once established it only requires minimal watering and mowing. It grows well in poor soil, shade, sun and the deep root structure prevents soil erosion. This blend is also resistant to common turf diseases.

4-03-15 East Valley - Yakima WA - Low Maintance Eco Mix

Biotic Earth

Designed for establishing erosion control grasses in the worst possible soil conditions Biotic Earth growth medium can be used to establish turf grass in subsoil with low organic content. Through a scientifically balanced combination of specially processed straw, flexible flax fibers, infused with Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, mycorrhizae, Triacontonal growth stimulant, soil conditioners, and micronutrients you get the best possible soil conditioners in the Biotic Earth BlackTM.

4-10-15 Selah WA - Biotic Earth Black HGM

Now Available! 6-10-15 Barenbrug Turf Blue HGT

This 100% Kentucky Bluegrass blend excels at high traffic, rapid germination, and resistance to summer patch and rust. A great choice for the active family or professional sports field.

Barvette Kentucky Bluegrass
Barimpala Kentucky Bluegrass
Barari Kentucky Bluegrass
Barrister Kentucky Bluegrass

Click to Download the Turf Blue HGT brochure

Q: How much a square foot do you charge?
A: Depends

1. Type of Grass Seed

We offer Choice and Flexibility of the type of grass that best suits your needs. Sod offers instant gratification however you're limited to the grass variety's used by the sod farm. It is common to see Sod struggle in high traffic, poor soils, and heavy shade. The DIY approach to hand planting seed gives you more control over your seed choice, however most big box stores offer poor choices of grass for our region . A common "Pacific Northwest Blend" found in many nationwide stores is great if you live in Western Washington not Eastern Washington.

Our Most Popular Lawn Mixes are:

The Kentucky Bluegrass Dominate Elite Blend.

Features some heavy hitters such as:

Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass
Famous Kentucky Bluegrass
Wild Horse Kentucky Bluegrass

This turf offers great color, can tolerate short mowing in the spring and fall. It offers good disease resistance.

Our Sports Turf Mix is a balanced blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass.


Wild Horse Kentucky Bluegrass
Famous Kentucky Bluegrass
Improved Perennial Ryegrass Blend

Fast establishing with good color and early spring green up. It can be more cost effective compared to our elite blend for larger areas.

Lawn enthusiast and custom blends!
We have a network of seed vendors that offer almost every seed variety suited for our climate. From 100% Bluegrass Blends, 100% monoculture lawns (ie 100% Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass or 100% Sheep's Fescue), Bentgrass private back yard putting greens and Wildflowers.

Economy Blends
You just want nice green grass and on a limited budget, we can work with that as well!

We also have blends for high traffic, shade, sun/shade, pasture, low maintenance. All our turf grass mixes are blended from the highest State Certified grade seed available. Native and Introduced Grasses are source-identified and comply with all the seed laws and noxious weed laws for the State of Washington.

2. Location of project , ease of site access, water source

We use trucks and tow behind seeders. We need to be within 100 to 200 feet of the area to be seeded. Fuel surcharge fee may apply to some locations. A slow water source will require more time to complete a project and may affect the price.

3. Size of Area

Less than 1,000 square foot lawns cost more per square foot VS 15+ Acre projects.

Q: Will you come out and measure my lawn area for FREE, give me the total square footage and a hydro seeding quote?

A: We do free on-site quotes in the Yakima area, and always give free phone estimates for any Eastern Washington location. On-site quotes outside the greater Yakima area are subject to a fuel and time charge. Unfortunately we no longer give out square footage information for free anymore. People would get our "quote" and use our measurement information for other methods of planting grass. If you would like this information it costs $75. The fee is deducted from the final hydroseeding invoice if you chose to use our services.

Q: How do I prep my soil for hydroseeding?

A: Generally all we need is a mostly dry lightly raked top surface.

Things to consider:

Soil Drainage
Often over looked, poor soil drainage can be a leading factor in turf diseases and bad growth performance. Getting organic material in to the soil and a yearly core aeration program is important. Adding gypsum is an excellent additive for clay soils

Glyphosate (Original Round-Up)
This contact herbicide is excellent at killing off unwanted weeds BEFORE planting your new lawn. Typically you can use Glyphosate 3 days before planting turf grasses. Avoid Round-Up MAX and Extended Control products.

2,4-D - Triclopyr (Weed B Gon - Weed N Feed) Type
Selective broad leaf and crab grass control herbicides are best AFTER your lawn has established. They should be avoided on lawns that you want to over seed. They can negatively affect grass seed germination.

Always read the label if you chose to use chemical herbicides!

*Using unprocessed steer manure can introduce a large variety of unwanted weeds in to your new lawn. A cows digestive system does not break down most weed seeds found in pastures.
*If you are on irrigation water we recommend a quality micro filtration system to stop weeds from entering your lawn, or clogging sprinkler heads.

Soil pH
Soil pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a soil. On the pH scale, 7.0 is neutral. Below 7.0 acid, and above 7.0 is basic or alkaline. A pH range of 6.8 to 7.2 is termed near neutral. Kentucky Bluegrass finds a PH of 6.0 to 7.5 favorable. You can buy simple but effective Soil PH test kits at most local hardware stores. If you want a detailed soil analysis you can send a soil sample to a local soil testing lab.

Hydroseeding Yakima WA

Sun/Shade Mix after Two Weeks. Early September*

Sports Turf Seed Blend 10 Days after seeding. Mid June*

Native Grass Restoration - Hydromulching Donald Road Wapato WA

We did some fly fishing that day while we waited for the seeder to fill. - Hydroseeding Cle Elum WA

100% Custom Bluegrass Mix - Hydroseeding Ellensburg WA

Starting the day - undisclosed location East Selah WA